Our last trip to Ladakh in June 2019, was an amazing experience for us and our guests.

If you are interested in joining us next time, we do one travel immersion a year and would love for you to come along. Please, fill out this form and we will let you know when the next one is!

In the meantime, you can read on to see what you could expect from a trip with Atlas and Soulscape.


Learn to lead, build and thrive without burnout.

Frustrations at work are often a reflection of leadership. What are you modeling or communicating to your team that is limiting productivity, innovative potential and team dynamics? Built around a one-week trip to India, this leadership immersion includes transformative travel, facilitated peer-work and personalized coaching, allowing you to return to work as a more effective leader, a more valuable teammate and a more conscious human. Full support and integration sessions before and after the time in India, facilitate deep personal work to help you evolve quickly.

Why Travel?

Placing yourself in a novel and challenging environment stimulates neural growth, and opens your perception to new information and perspectives, accelerating your personal and professional development.

Far away from your everyday life, you have the freedom and permission to explore the pieces of yourself that are resisting your growth and progress. Our process uncovers your hidden blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent you from being the best leader you can be.

Leadership Development + Wellness

  • Atlas facilitates rapid evolution in leadership skills using your immersive travel experience as a catalyst.

  • Pre-trip individual sessions with the Atlas coach prepare you for the experience and set your specific goals for development.

  • To support your personal and leadership development in India, there will be integration coaching, healthy nourishing food, and daily yoga and meditation practices to help you start each day with clarity, calm and focus.

  • You will also participate in nightly facilitated peer groups. Peer groups are effective in deepening self-awareness and applying lessons learned to your personal goals.

  • Three post-trip sessions with the Atlas coach ensure integration of your learnings into your life at home.

Creative Learning + Cultural Exploration

  • Soulscape gets you access to lesser-known destinations and curates learning and creative experiences to free your mind and expand your innovative potential.

  • These exclusive experiences take you out of your daily grind and prime your brain for rapid and profound development.

  • Learning from a unique culture about ancient traditions and way of life can be an eye-opening and humbling experience. These expeditions act like an incubator for your mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and physical enrichment.

Our Destination

“A quaint little town, dusty and raw from a distance, but the closer you get the louder the sounds of Baul folk songs get. 

Santiniketan is an arts hub in the East of India. Musicians, artisans, poets, writers, bird watchers and everyone else seeking a refuge flock to this land founded by the Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore over a century ago. 

Home to the second largest arts university and a UNESCO world heritage site, you’ll spot students taking classes under Banyan trees with a few langurs (black-faced monkeys) lingering in the background.” -Soulscape


What’s included?



  • One-on-one intention and goal setting with an Atlas coach.

  • Personalized travel support including advice on flights and visas.


  • On-the-ground integration coaching.

  • Nightly facilitated leadership peer groups.

  • Three authentic, delicious meals per day.

  • Daily yoga/meditation.

  • Curated local artisan experiences.

  • Ethical travel utilizing local knowledge and guides.

  • 7 night stay in a private double room- hassle and transaction free.

  • Abundant natural space and immersive learning.


  • Three one-on-one post trip coaching sessions with your Atlas coach ensure that you integrate what you learned into your life and work and continue to execute on your personal goals.


Join our friends at Soulscape in West Bengal. This trip is not operated in partnership with Atlas and therefore does not include pre- and post- coaching and intention setting appointments or on-site leadership and personal coaching.

Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.