How’s your travel health?

Photo by  Tom Barrett  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

After two months on the road, I keep hearing myself reply to “how are you today”, with, “happy to be going home”. I am a person who loves my days to be full of variety but, even for me, business travel wears me down.

As I sit down for my second to final flight before snuggling up in my own bed, I think of the reminders from Jamie Shapiro at Connectedec about the importance of travel habits. For those of us who live on the road, travel cannot represent an exception. When your life is travel, your life habits must follow you to whichever city, airport, and bed you find yourself.

Some of us are great at setting healthy habits at home and, when we travel, all of our hard work disintegrates. For me the hardest good habit to maintain is eating. The minute I step into an airport, I am tempted to buy packaged foods, jolt myself out of jetlag with a strong coffee, or unwind with an airplane cocktail. I urge you to consider, which of your hard-earned habits fall off during travel?

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Kari Sulenes