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Inner Growth Groups

Learn and grow with your peers


Inner Growth Groups (IGGs) quickly and powerfully develop self-aware and supported leaders.

The experience of being an entrepreneur, investor and/or leader of a company can be isolating and lonely. Benefit from the experiences of your peers with guidance from a professional coach who facilitates the group to work more deeply and to explore your motivations, blocks and blind spots.


Deep Empathy

Learn alongside other entrepreneurs who truly understand what it’s like. IGGs are custom tailored for specific groups of leaders so you can benefit from the perspective of others in your situation.

Lasting SupporT

The ongoing nature of IGGs encourages deep connections between members so when challenges arise, your support network is already in place. The prolonged time frame also allows your new skills and reflections to develop into strong and productive habits.


Develop the skills of a great leader by harnessing self-awareness and emotional intelligence (EQ). Learn expert observing and listening skills; practice these with your peers to become a conscious leader.


Current Offerings

All of the Atlas group offerings can be customized to accommodate your organization’s needs. Your Atlas coach will curate peer groups of leaders from within your company or fund. Alternatively, Atlas runs public groups to allow for more specific groupings (i.e. Head of Sales IGG). Atlas offers IGG consultation to help you determine the best format for your organization.


In the process of supporting founders and companies, investors experience a unique set of challenges. Investors sometimes experience similar difficulties to entrepreneurs but lack a founder’s sense of control. In our investor IGGs, you leverage each others’ experiences to lean into your intuition and develop coaching and advising skills to more effectively support your portfolio companies.


We offer IGGs for founders curated by stage of company, gender, stage of life, and experiences of dis-privilege. These groups harness the collective wisdom of startup founders to share experiences, develop leadership excellence, and receive support and honest feedback. IGGs accelerate the leadership learnings typically found in one-on-one coaching and provide a rich network of peers to call on when #startuplife gets rough. 

Immersive Leadership


A day for leaders to uncover the challenges associated with privilege and dis-privilege in a safe supportive environment. You will build self-awareness and learn to set an example for your company and society at large. The day is facilitated by Atlas coaches Kari Sulenes and Dane Holewinsky who will lead you through gender-specific groups and facilitated ‘Women/Men tell all’ panel. Close the day with a group integration and commitment to enlightened leadership.


As a part of Atlas’ Inner Growth Group (IGG) Series, we have partnered with Alpha Bridge Ventures and Activ8 to present a leadership experience that connects startup founders and leaders of multi-generational enterprises to leverage the benefits of leading from multiple perspectives. The group values “intrepreneurship" and nurtures the natural capacity of each of its members to grow your authentic and effective leadership skills.  


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Groups are formed on a rolling basis. Please fill out the interest form below and we will contact you when your group is starting!

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